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Perhaps you have thought, “If we only had more money, we could reach many more people!”

God's Ownership, Our Stewardship, Your Partnership!

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President Mike Myers on why this is the most unique opportunity for your ministry.

You have an untapped resource within your own ministry—your credit card processing account. Through the simple act of transitioning your processing to MJM Business Group, you receive a monthly gift that can profoundly impact the outreach of your ministry for years to come!

Every time your ministry accepts a credit/debit card for a donation or product purchase, you lose a portion of that transaction to processing fees. In today's economy, this action is simply  “the cost of doing business.” But, MJM Business Group is unique in that we return a significant percentage of those processing fees back to your ministry as a long-term, continuous, monthly donation. We take a percentage of the credit card processing fee that presently goes into the banking industry, and redirect it back into your ministry. Out of your credit card processing fees paid to MJM Business Group by the processor, we donate 50% of our revenues each month to your ministry!

Determine today to transition your credit card processing account through MJM Business Group, and become an even greater steward of every gift you receive!

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